History Unbound La Crosse History Unbound Murphy Library, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse La Crosse Library 2005 WLA/Highsmith Award Winner



The certificate reads: La Crosse History Unbound, La Crosse Public Library and Murphy Library of the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, Wisconsin Library Association Highsmith Award 2005

For: exemplifying a project based on the pooling of resources and talents of both academic and public library staff;

For: the integration and preservation of graphic, print and audio formats;

For: commitment to reducing the handling of unique, fragile and deteriorated but heavily used materials;

For: the vision of this project as a portal to other historical documents and a library marketing tool to attract local history researchers to libraries;

For: dedication to the broad dissemination of community history to the widest possible range of users;

For these and other outstanding accomplishments, the Wisconsin Library Association and the Highsmith Corporation are honored to recognize "La Crosse History Unbound" as the 2005 winner of the Highsmith Award for an exemplary program that has had a significant impact on its users.

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